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Draht Band
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Draht Band

Wire diameter from coil 6 mm, strip from coil 1.5 mm x 35 mm, welding at 100 kVA, progressive die, 25 pcs. / min., series runs from 25,000 parts, finished part falling out, power requirement excl. welding approx. 30 kW.

Combined wire and strip processing 2

The combined processing of wire, pipe or strip is done automatically on the plants of Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH in individual stations. Different shaped or supplied parts can be connected or welded together. Welding stations are installed in our wire bending machines type X2000NC or our clamping ring machines, but also in our tube bending machines as well as in our special machines. The pictures show some typical applications for combined parts from the automotive sector, such as lashing eyes or door strikers.

As one of the leading manufacturers of modular, automated systems for the forming of wire, pipe and strip, we combine and install aggregates for all industrial forming processes on one machine.

Processing of wire and strip in forming technology

Stamped bent parts made of wire and strip are classic products of metal forming technology. In modern plants, the materials steel and stainless steel are primarily processed. Central industries for wire and strip forming include the automotive industry, household and industrial appliance manufacturers, the construction industry, railways and other vehicle manufacturers. Due to the wide range of components that can be produced by the forming of wire and strip, a large number of other industries are involved in the production. While older systems for forming wire and strip are equipped with hydraulic drives, modern systems rely on servo technology and electronic controls. These modern manufacturing systems have shown themselves to be significantly superior to older methods in the past years in the forming of wire and strip. Maintenance, changeover times, energy efficiency and compatibility with other systems have been significantly improved by the use of servo electrics. In addition, complex forming parts can be produced on modern machines with significantly less space, which in turn can save resources.

More power for wire and belt with machines from Schmale

Schmale machines are often used in conjunction with other technologies for heavy cold and hot forming of wire and strip. The new generation of forming machines is servo-electric driven and dispenses with hydraulics, resulting in a number of advantages for the processing of wire and strip. So the presses get by completely without oil and hoses. Only the sliding and bearing surfaces still need to be lubricated. Further progress in wire and strip processing is provided by the NC units. In addition to a lower purchase price, significantly faster set-up times result. The operation of the machines was also simplified. Via the touch screen, the required parameters can be entered easily. The machine then automatically generates the electronic curve for controlling the servo-electric axis. The use of Schmale machines not only makes wire and strip processing much easier and faster, it also has a positive effect on energy costs.

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