Threading with swaging and flattening

Technologie Gewinde
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Technologie Gewinde

Wire diameter 5,2 mm, finished part falling out at 25 pcs./min., flattening with 1600kN, power requirement approx. 20 kW, part family with variable length and short change over times.

Thread rolling / thread forming

Wire bending products with thread are produced automatically on the wire bending machines of Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH in individual stations with servo-electric bending slides or CNC finger-benders. In addition to bending operations, at the same time other work steps such as swaging and thread rolling or thread forming, but also flattening, chamfering, notching and swaging are carried out on a type X2000NC machine and on our special machines.

As one of the leading manufacturers of modular, automated systems for the forming of wire, pipe and strip, we combine and install aggregates for all industrial forming processes on one machine.

Collar forming

Pipes and wire are processed in the forming industry using a variety of technologies. Collar diving is a commonly used process that is needed for a number of components. Collar diving is a forming process in which the initial height of the workpiece is reduced and the mass is retained. At the end of the manufacturing process is a component made of pipe or wire, which is provided with a collar. In this process highest precision is required: the collar should be absolutely precise and burr-free. The compression capacity must also be adapted exactly to the desired contours. In addition, the same requirements apply to federal diving as with other methods of forming technology. The work process should be as economical as possible and easy to combine with other technologies. These requirements for the coving apply equally to the tube processing as well as the coving of the solid material. High-quality machines of the forming technology, as manufactured by Schmale Maschinenbau, are able to work with high-precision and economical cuff ups as well as other technologies.

Economical and flexible Collar diving with forming technology from Schmale

The re-evaluation of Germany as a production site has become increasingly evident in the re-forming of pipe, wire and strip in recent years. Many manufacturers return to production in Germany and rely on German machines. In addition, traditional technologies such as soldering and welding are displaced by the production of increasingly complex components on modern stamping and bending machines. Technologies such as coving, welding, bending, flattening and punching can today be implemented in Germany extremely economically and internationally competitive. On the one hand, this is due to higher labor costs in Asia and, on the other hand, to the exceptionally efficient forming machines made in Germany. On machines from the Schmale X2000 series, cuffing in conjunction with a host of other technologies is easily possible. Fasteners and collars can be attached to pipes and wire with different methods. Bund upsetting on stamping and bending machines, as produced by Schmale, has established itself as an economical, efficient and flexible method for many producers.

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