Strip machining 2

Technologie Bandverarbeitung
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Technologie Bandverarbeitung

Strip: 40x5mm, hole diameters 5-8mm, changeover fully automatic, threading range M5 to M8, long holes up to 100x6mm and bends up to 120 degree angle, each operation 1 second, finished part falling out every 12 seconds, power requirement approx. 30 kW, 100% flexible without manual adjustments by operator, free positioning of holes, long holes, threads and bends

Strip processing 2

The processing of strip happens on the plants of the Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH automated in individual stations. For the forming of solid strip material a special machine is perfect. Thus, even thick material can be processed with bending slides, CNC finger benders and servo presses. In the special machine for the production of this item, a tool changer is installed in a punching press. Every second the material is repositioned by the punch-bending machine and different round holes or slots are punched. In another station, the round holes can be individually threaded.

As one of the leading manufacturers of modular, automated systems for the forming of wire, pipe and strip, we combine and install aggregates for all industrial forming processes on one machine.

A video of this stamping and bending machine can be found on our youtube channel

Strip processing with punching-bending machines from Schmale Maschinenbau

Schmale punching-bending machines can be used to achieve the highest level of strip processing quality. All of the X2000 series machines process strips quickly and precisely. Servo-electrical drives enable low-maintenance work with a wide production range. The conversion times for strip processing are minimal; the machines are conveniently operated by touchpad. The machines also offer increased protection of the materials and a correspondingly high quality of the final product. This includes, for example, a precise cut with minimum burr. The power consumption for strip processing is just 25-30 kW for Schmale machines. Schmale machines for strip processing are 100% flexible. The positions of holes, slots, threads, and bends can be freely selected. Schmale places great value on exhausting all of a machine’s optimization potential. The customer can be sure of obtaining a highly productive strip-processing machine which is equipped for the future.



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