Lug pressing and punching

Fahnenpressen Lochen
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Fahnenpressen Lochen

Wire diameter 8 mm, 35 pcs. / min., series runs from 25,000 parts, finished part falling out, power requirement approx. 20 kW

Lug pressing and punching

Wire bending products with flags are produced automatically on the stamping and bending machines of Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH in individual stations with servo-electric bending slides or CNC finger-benders. In addition to the bending operations, other operations such as the pressing of lugs and the punching of these lugs with servo-electric presses are performed simultaneously on our X2000NC stamping and bending machines.
As one of the leading manufacturers of modular, automated systems for the forming of wire, pipe and strip, we combine and install aggregates for all industrial forming processes on one machine.

Punching with modern stamping machines

Forming technologies such as punching are often required operations: in a series of components, cavities or eyes must be applied by punching. High standards apply to this process - as is the case for all working steps in modern forming technology: Punching must be quick and efficient, and the cavity should be as precise and burr-free as possible. In addition, the punching should fit smoothly into other forming processes. The goal is a production process in which the most diverse components as economically as possible through a series of forming processes such as punching, flattening and welding. Since several production steps can be carried out in a set-up process on modern production machines, the production process is accelerated compared to older systems. Set-up times, maintenance and programming of the machine are shortened. Thus, modern stamping and bending machines, as manufactured by Schmale-Maschinenbau, enable an optimization of all processes in terms of costs, resources and time.

Efficient punching with the X2000 series from Schmale Maschinenbau

The Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH from Altena has been developing and building machines for the processing of strip, tube and wire for more than 50 years. The combination of different technologies, including punching, in the production processes is a central aspect of the design process. Schmale's X2000 series of servo-assisted production machines are capable of combining a variety of different manufacturing steps. Modern hydromechanical or servo-electric drives control the processing with highest precision and energy efficiency. High bending forces are just as easy to realize with the X2000 series as flattening, flag pressing, joining and punching. With a wire diameter of Ø 8 mm, the machines produce 35 parts per minute (flagpunching and punching) .Series from 25000 parts, ready falling, are possible.The power requirement for the technology is about 20kW.With a wire diameter of Ø 9 mm is combined plating and punching at a speed of 32 pieces per minute possible The power requirement for series from 20 000 parts is about 30kW.

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