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Technologie Kopfstuetzbuegel

Tube diameter 14x1,5 mm, finished part falling out at 12 pcs./min. incl. bending, notching, chamfering and grooving, power requirement approx. 30 kW,?part family with variable length, short change over times, different gauging methods incl. data logging possible

Production of head rests

The manufacture of head rests made of wire or pipe is done on the wire bending machines or tube bending machines of Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH automated in individual stations with servo-electric slides or CNC benders. Several bending operations can be installed simultaneously or sequentially on our X2000NC production lines. In addition to the bending sections, the other work steps such as chamfering, notching and swaging are also carried out automatically on a system.

As one of the leading manufacturers of modular, automated systems for the forming of wire, pipe and strip, we combine and install aggregates for all industrial forming processes on one machine.

Head restraints - indispensable for safe driving by car

Since 1999, in Germany on the front seats of cars headrests duty. In the conventional design head restraints are made of bent wire tube, depending on the car model in different versions, pushed into the seats. These are used to attach and adjust the headrests on the seats. In the event of a rear-end collision or heavy braking, the head restraints prevent the head from being thrown backwards jerkily. They thus prevent injury to the cervical spine, e.g. through a whiplash injury. It is important to adjust the head restraint correctly: the top edge of the head restraint should be at the level of the top of the head. Head restraints thus represent a safety component of a central component to ensure the protection of the driver and passengers. The demands on quality and reliability, which are made of head support bracket by the car manufacturers, are therefore high. Furthermore, head restraints - as visible in the interior of the vehicle parts must also meet high visual standards. Bending machines that are used for the production of head support brackets must meet correspondingly high requirements.

Head restraints of machines of Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH

Schmale-Anlagentechnik provides its customers with innovative machines for a wide variety of technologies. Head restraints can be produced on Narrow Bending Machines efficiently, cheaply and in excellent quality. Schmale assembles the exact machine he needs to make his head restraints. The head support brackets from Schmale have e.g. a pipe diameter of 14 x 1.5 mm and are produced falling falling. The production speed is up to 20 pieces per minute including bends, notches, chamfers and puncture. The power requirement of a narrow bending machine for the production of head restraints is approx. 30 kW. Parts families with different leg lengths and minimum set-up effort are possible. The servo-electric drive technologies developed by Schmale in-house make the machines particularly energy efficient; Energy consumption is on average 50% below the consumption of other machines. When designing a bending machine for head restraints, not only the individual manufacturing profile of the client is considered. Schmale machines are usually designed so that the customer has the opportunity to realize later stages of development.

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