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Diameter 9 mm, 32 pcs. / min., flattening of the eye at 800 kN, flattening of the end at 1,600 kN, left and right version, series runs from 20,000 parts, finished part falling out, power requirement approx. 30 kW

Wire bending / tube bending

The bending of wire, pipe or strip is done on the plants of Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH automated in individual stations with servo-electric slides or CNC benders. Several bending operations can be installed simultaneously or successively on our wire bending machines of the type X2000NC or Speedmax, but also in our tube bending machines as well as on our special machines for strip processing and our clamping ring machines. The pictures show some typical bent wire parts. Currently our systems bend wires up to a diameter of 26mm. As one of the few manufacturers in Germany and Europe, we are also specialized in the bending of thick wires, for example for the production of chains or chain links.

As one of the leading manufacturers of modular, automated systems for the forming of wire, pipe and strip, we combine and install aggregates for all industrial forming processes on one machine.

New dimensions in bending

The bending of sheet metal, pipes or wires has been used for decades in the forming technology. The process is still one of the most important and widespread forming processes. The reasons lie in the wide manufacturing possibilities that bending in conjunction with other technologies such as upsetting, flattening or punching brings with it. In the developments experienced by bending as a manufacturing technology, some key moments can be recognized. On the one hand, there is a tendency to see complex production facilities. Such systems allow automated bending to be combined with other manufacturing processes and make it possible to obtain a fully machined product from a machine. Such modular manufacturing equipment, as developed by Schmale, offers producers significant production advantages. While a separate machine was required for each forming process in the traditional production strategy, a single machine is sufficient here. This is accompanied by a significantly reduced need for space, time and energy.

With every development more variety and speed

With the SPEEDMAX, Schmale has expanded its machine park with another powerful machine. The new flagship of the company sets new standards when it comes to speed and machining variety in bending, punching, upsetting etc. of pipes and wires. The system makes it possible to produce up to 200 bent wire parts with up to 20 bends per minute. The machine draws power from servo-electric bending machines with up to 240kN and presses with up to 7000kN. The SPEEDMAX is thus at the forefront of a series of developments made by Schmale, which have set themselves the task of combining the highest production diversity with the greatest possible automation. The bending of components thus becomes one of a variety of machining methods that are possible on a single machine. This makes it possible for suppliers to the automotive industry, the packaging industry or manufacturers of articles for crafts, restaurants and households to produce a much wider range of products with just one system.

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