General overhaul / retrofit

Service Generalueberholung

- Increase in system performance
- Replacement of all wearing parts
- Avoiding cost-intensive stoppages

By the way: We offer a general overhaul and steering system modifications not only for Schmale machines. Even for machines from other manufactures we offer a complete retrofitting. Watch the example of a friction welding machine from the 1980s on our youtube channel. (Voice over only in german.) 

Tipp:You want to combine the two packages? Good idea, we recommend that!

Retrofit or retrofitting, the modernization of machines and systems up to the latest state of art.

Retrofit is the general overhaul and modernization of existing machines. The aim is to bring an older plant to the current state of the art in control engineering and drive technology. A machine completely reworked with high-quality components is in no way inferior to a new machine. At the same time, investment costs are considerably lower than for a new plant. The circumference of the retrofitting can vary individually. On the basis of customer requirements, we develop a suitable concept for your machine. Our experts consistently look at all components of the plant. In addition to the mechanics, drives and motors, our special focus is on control technology and safety. Often, protection concepts are obsolete, must be brought up to date with the latest technology.

We equip the old system with current control technology, replace the control cabinet and its components, install sensors and measuring technology and bring the machine to a technical level that makes it ready for industry 4.0.

We exclusively use high-quality components from manufacturers such as Siemens, Wittenstein, Sick, Hiwin and other top suppliers. And we offer this service not only for our own machines. We also offer general overhauls and retrofits for third-party manufacturers such as Bihler or Wafios or for special machines from other manufacturers. We make the complete service. From the analysis over a concrete offer, the dismantling, transport and decomposition. In the CAD parts are newly designed, newly manufactured and a new control is programmed. We rebuild the plant from scratch, take it into operation and deliver it again. Your advantage: You get a proven machine with the latest technology, which has new functions, more precise, more economical, safer and usually works much faster. The availability of spare parts is guaranteed again. The system has a simpler and more comfortable operation, data can be accessed, the safety standard is at the current level of the 21st century and you can reuse your tried and tested tools


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