Maschinen x2000nc bk

Best of two worlds

Can you imagine to run your standard Bihler* tools on a fully servoelectric driven SCHMALE machine? Are you limited in the force of your slides and thus in the variablility of the products? Do you know the advantages of servo electric drives?

SCHMALE combined the two successful concepts of SCHMALE and Bihler*.

Your advantages:
+ almost no force limitation
+ NC-slides up to 240 kN (54,000 lbs)
+ NC-Press units up to 2000 kN (450,000 lbs)
+ standard or customized to your needs
+ easy useable via touch display
+ all additional possibilities in the SCHMALE system like punching, swaging, threading and many more
+ modularity and compatibility

Dimensions: app. 5.5m x 2.5m, app. 13 to. (18 ft x 8 ft, 30,000 lbs)

A video (german) showing the advantages of our Bihler* compatibility can be watched on our Youtube channel.

Maschinen x2000nc

*Trademark of Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Wire embossing today: A classical deformation process in 21st century industry

Wire embossing is one of the oldest processing methods and remains as before a frequently used wire-processing technology. The embossing of wire is a massive deformation:  the shape  (cross-section, dimension) of the wire is changed, while the mass and volume remain constant. This process is accompanied by high deformation forces and heavy stress on the tools involved. The requirements for the design of bending machines are extremely high: The machines must produce as diversely and quickly as possible, deliver the best quality, and conserve energy at the same time. Modern wire-embossing machines such as those designed by  Schmale meet all the requirements for a modern deformation machine. With low energy consumption, they are able to combine a large number of work steps together. Along with embossing, the bending, threading, welding, flattening, hole-punching, and production of flags and notches can be integrated in the production process.

Embossing wires with a bending machine from Schmale Maschinenbau

All manufacturers of machines for deformation technology are faced with strong international competition. With embossing as well, the requirements on quality, efficiency, speed and energy consumption are extremely high. As before, many companies also rely on production “made in Germany” for embossing. This is because the traditionally innovative and high-quality machine construction in Germany supplies durable machines for the highest quality and precision. By continuously developing and improving its X2000 series, Schmale has managed to establish machines on the market which deliver the best embossing results and enable efficient and flexible production. They are easy and convenient to operate using a touchscreen. The performance level is high. Unit quantities of 60 pieces per minute can be achieved for a wire diameter of 6 – 20 mm.



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