Special machines

Special machines from Schmale Maschinenbau are equipped with an intelligent combination of technologies. The plant shown above is used to manufacture reinforcement items from solid material with a diameter of 20mm for the building industry.

Servo-electric units such as bending slides, presses and finger benders are combined into customer-specific solutions for the production of individual items that can not be produced on standard machines. Schmale offers special machines for wire, tube and strip processing.

You can watch various special machines for the production of different forming articles on our YouTube channel.

Special machine for the produktion of reinforcement items Youtubegrafik

Special machine for the production of holding brackets from strip material

Video of one of our special machines for pipe processing Youtubegrafik

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Clamping ring machines
The Specialist
Special machines
The Individualist

Do you have products, for which manufacturing on a series machine is not practical?

The intelligent combination of technologies can result in a special machine.

Our concepts are as individual as your product to be manufactured.

What is a special machine used for in deformation technology?

Modern production systems of deformation technology are more flexible and can be more easily converted than ever before. High-quality machines are able to combine a large number of production steps and also produce complex parts quickly and in outstanding quality. It can nevertheless occur that special components cannot be produced on one of the conventional machine types. It then becomes necessary to design a special machine which is precisely customized to the production requirements. Such a special machine can result from a system conversion or a completely new design. It is extremely important in the design of a special machine to consider that the machine can be expanded on. This guarantees that the production system can be modified to meet new requirements when they change. The customers for a special machine come from various industrial branches, with the automotive, aircraft-construction, and furniture industries depending on special machines.



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