Rail clip production on the X2000NC

A modular X2000NC line with 6 stations for producing rail clips

Back wall dimensions: approx. 5 x 3 m, weight: approx. 20 t

Tool set: Rail fixing clip tool, 6 stations, 5 m back wall, feeding of rod sections via bunker conveyor or with decoiler and feeder, straightener and cutting unit, cycle output: 30 pcs/min, ready-to-use parts

Rail clip production

An illustrative example of a modular tool set on an X2000NC line for the production of rail clips from 12 to 16 mm wire. 

Rail clips have to meet a challenging set of requirements. They need to be tough enough to stand up to vibrations and temperature fluctuations – and they absolutely must not break. Usually made from 12 to 16 mm-gauge wire, this kind of clip typically spends around 50 years keeping the rail in place.

Our X2000NC model wire bending machine is one of the fastest and most compact systems for producing rail clips. The back wall is just 5 metres long and the machine has a weight of approx. 20 tonnes. Clips pass through several steps and a total of 6 stations as they are cold-worked into their final shape.
The cycle output for this rail clip line is 30 pcs/minute.

Thanks to its simple retooling mechanism, our X2000NC is capable of producing a wide range of rail clip types.

Rail clamps for track fastening

Rail clips are used to fasten track systems during track construction for railways, tram lines and urban rail systems. Also referred to as rail clamps, these track fasteners are typically formed by bending 12 to 16 mm-gauge wire. Based on its X2000NC wire bending machine, Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH has developed a fully automated bending solution that delivers track clips at high cycle outputs with a compact footprint and low energy needs. The configuration as described here can produce 30 ready-to-use rail clips every minute. Different types of rail clips can also be produced when using a X2000NC model wire bending machine. A short retooling and program change step is all that is required to start producing a new type of track clip. 



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