Presses and Presslines

Schmale builds presses and press lines with servo-electric or hydromechanical drives for metal forming. We integrate our cutting presses, stamping presses and swaging presses into our wire bending machines and other systems for the forming of wire, tube and strip. We build servo-electric presses with a force of up to 700 tons. In 2018 we received an award for this innovation.

cutting press        
swaging press        
swaging press          
NC press
Maschinen 400kn
400kN press
servo electric hydro mechanic
stroke app 85mm stroke app 40mm
width of press app 500mm width of press app 410mm

Maschinen 500kn
500kN swaging press
servo electric hydro mechanic
stroke app 30mm stroke app 65mm
width of press app 544mm width of press app 240mm

Maschinen 1200kn
1200kN press
servo electric hydro mechanic
stroke app 80mm stroke app 40mm
width of press app 700mm width of press app 700mm

Maschinen 2000kn
2000kN press
servo electric hydro mechanic
stroke app 80mm stroke app 38mm
width of press app 700mm width of press app 495mm

Presses in cold forming industry

Presses in the form of hydraulic presses, crank presses or servo-electric presses are components of machines for the production of stamped and bent parts. High-quality stamping and bending machines depend on absolutely reliable components with a long service life. The press must be resilient, reliable and powerful. In addition, it should be flexibly positionable. Depending on the production task and bending machine, several presses and different types of servo presses are used. The different types can be divided into cutting presses, punching presses and swaging presses. To ensure that the presses function is properly, sensors are used in many automatic stamping and bending machines. In our systems, the presses can also be combined to form press lines. Pressing forces of up to 700 tons or 7000kN can be generated with our servo-electric presses for cold forming or hot forming. The size of the mold installation space is variable, as is the travel and the stroke. The changeover times for tool inserts are significantly reduced by means of column frames. Various progressive tools can be used in our presses.

Important aspects with presses: The compatibility with tools and the position on the work wall

In addition to the nominal deformation force and the maximum stroke, compatibility with different tools is an important factor in presses. The more different tools a press can accommodate, the greater the range of products that the press can manufacture. Stamping and bending machines from Schmale offer the possibility of fastening the presses in any position on the working wall. This means that the different presses can be individually combined as required for the manufacture of a product in a customer-specific arrangement or sequence. In addition, the press can be positioned at different angles on the work wall. This has the advantage that no jamming, scraping or sliding occurs during the production process. The press is prevented from slipping on the wall by feather keys. If necessary, fitting pieces can be screwed between the press and the tools. This also ensures that the required press position can be found more quickly. For the installation and before commissioning a newly installed press, the safety and assembly instructions of the respective stamping and bending machine must be observed.



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