Clamping ring machine

Maschinen Spannring

approx. 7 m x 3 m, approx. 10 tonnes

Clamping ring machine

A clamping ring machine is a system for the automatic production of clamping rings. Schmale Maschinenbau Gmbh is one of the leading manufacturers of clamping ring machines in Europe. On our clamping ring machines, the strip material is profiled, bent and cut. Automatically closures are supplied and welded. The finished clamping ring is calibrated and stored. Via a servo-electric transfer, all processing stations are connected to each other and operated simultaneously. Thus, cycle rates of up to 28 clamping rings per minute can be realized.

You can watch one of our clamping ring machines in action on our Youtube channel.

The Power Package
Clamping ring machines
The Specialist
Special machines
The Individualist
Drive Servoelectric
Feed roller
Servo-hydr. feed-in | Buffer -|
Production speed 0 to 28 pcs./min.
Typ. wire diameter  
Typ. strip dimensions to 50 x 3mm
Free work surface  
Transfer system
Stations max. 6
Force functions 2
Typical forces 100kN
Servo axes 2
Standard hydr. function 2
Power requirement approx. 15kW
Weight approx. 10 to.

Mechanical and electronic cams in comparison

In the design of modern punching & bending machines, the replacement of mechanical cams with electronic cams can be observed more and more frequently. The reasons for this development can be found in the clearly increased flexibility of the electronic cams as opposed to the mechanical cam gears. This effect becomes very clear when the product parameters must be changed. If mechanical cams are used, the entire cam disc must be replaced in this case – a procedure which is naturally connected with high expenditure. Electronic cams in contrast offer the option of simply programming in the new parameters with very little data. An additional benefit can be added to the high flexibility offered by electronic cams: electronic cams enable operation with considerably higher cycle times than mechanical versions and thus an increase in the machine’s productivity.



Electronic cams in punching & bending technology

Electronic cams are a permanent component of modern machines in process technology. They have long-since been established as drive technology and, as you know, offer a series of advantages over other processes. The principle of the electronic cams is based on the calculation of motion profiles, which are transferred to the machine’s control system as tables or parameters. A system operating with electronic cams requires powerful software to achieve optimal motion sequences. This is the only way to ensure that the machine operates quietly and effectively with low wear. The fact that a control system using electronic cams can also produce extremely high forces can be demonstrated on the 2000 kN NC press produced by Schmale. The machine is conveniently operated and programmed by the input of a few data by touchscreen. In fractions of a second, the machine then produces the electronic cams for controlling the servo-electrical axis. In the system design, Schmale intentionally developed a user interface which delivers the desired results simply and transparently. This makes it possible to work with the new technology quickly and conveniently from the very first commissioning without long training periods.

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